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Baking is fun !

Published by Highclare School on Tuesday 15th of May 2018

McVitie’s watch out! Baking is the perfect opportunity to combine a love of learning with a love of sweet treats! Following a method, measuring ingredients, using the correct equipment, describing the baking technique and observing the process closely are all conducive towards a fun learning experience. The pupils of J4R have been designing, making and tasting biscuits in DT this term. The first part of the project was to make a plain biscuit and then taste it, alongside other kinds of biscuits, including a chocolate digestive and a shortbread. The children’s next task was to decide how they could make their plain biscuit more interesting and tasty. They then designed their own biscuit adding extra ingredients, using a different shape and decorating to make it special. Finally, the children baked their unique biscuits using the extra ingredients they had chosen. Our Juniors will be demonstrating their talents at our Open Day on 7th June - come along and meet our staff and pupils.
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