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Preparing for life after Merchiston

Published Thursday 24th of May 2018 11:08:04 AM

Economic wellbeing is a vital aspect of any young person’s education: in order to start our Lower Sixth Form pupils thinking ahead to university, or simply life beyond school, they were set a monthly budgeting task using figures based on living costs in Edinburgh in 2017/18. They had to work out minimum and maximum expenditure for rent, food, gas and electricity, internet and mobile phone, laundry and toiletries, and printing, stationary, text books etc for courses. Excellent discussions took place and, after researching the information, many of the pupils managed to hit quite close to the actual costs, which was impressive! Other lessons taking place on this subject throughout the School have included the positive impact of savings, understanding compound interest and delayed gratification (achieved using Rowntrees Randoms and a lot of self-control!), needs versus wants, and planning ahead.
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