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Children's author Meg Rosoff visits Norwich High

Published Thursday 22nd of September 2011 04:18:49 PM

Children's teen fiction author Meg Rosoff visited Norwich High School for Girls on Monday 19th September to talk about her new book, 'There is No Dog'. She spoke to girls in Years 10 and 11, as well as children from The Hewett School and City Academy.

This hugely anticipated new novel, published in hardback by Penguin on 1st September, asks the question 'What would the world look like if God were a teenage boy...?' The world is re-imagined with a feckless teenage boy at the helm. 19-year-old Bob finds it difficult to find time for all the work he has to do - dealing with floods (caused in moments of sadness or anger); putting an end to global famine; and answering people's prayers. So when Bob meets the beautiful zookeeper Lucy, his long-suffering assistant Mr B fears, quite rightly, that catastrophe on an epic scale is imminent....

'The book is funny and poignant another Meg Rosoff classic', commented Librarian at Norwich High School Mrs Liz Wraith. 'We all very much enjoyed Meg's visit and her talk was inspirational.'

The afternoon started with a lunch for the author. She was joined by six girls - the lucky winners of a school competition to write about what they would do if they were God for a day. The girls thought of some very imaginative things which they discussed with Ms Rosoff. Year 11 student Rebecca Wall said she would allow people to taste what they saw and heard 'It would be interesting to find out if nice objects and sounds would taste good or bad', she commented.

Year 9 student Isabelle Cant would make everyone in the world 'good for just one day. They would then see what a wonderful place the world could be and perhaps they would all try to be nicer from then on', she explained. Other subjects discussed over lunch included becoming an author, writing techniques and a mutual love of Harry Potter!

After lunch Meg gave her talk to a packed hall. She spoke about her long and varied journey to becoming a writer and gave the students a humorous insight into her newest novel for young adults. The day ended with a chance for all to meet the author and a book signing. All who participated agreed that it was an inspirational and enjoyable afternoon.
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