947 Windlesham House School West Sussex Open Day Top


Published Thursday 14th of June 2018 10:19:19 AM

We set off from School at 9am, with the promise of sunny conditions with the risk of a shower later on. We made good time to Northumberland and quickly started setting up anchors and routes for the boys to try. All the boys were in good spirits and a positive frame of mind about the day, and the warm temperatures certainly helped. With the first set of top ropes completed, we moved on up the crag, moving eastwards, to tackle the new set of climbs there. All the boys gave a really good account of themselves, and, even with the tougher grades, had a really good go. For many of the boys, this was their first climbing venture outdoors and they were eager to learn all the new systems and metalwork involved with setting up secure anchors. The final venue was furthest east and Mr Rowlands and Mr George set up three final climbs. With the rain now starting to become more persistent, all the group were excellent in helping to pack up and we made speedy progress back to the bus. My thanks to Mr Rowlands for helping with the day and I am glad the boys got such an excellent exposure to outdoor climbing with a day like this. Mr George, Head of Outdoor Education
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