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Boy from Barrow Hills School discovers rare dinosaur tooth on Fossil Hunting Trip

Published Monday 18th of June 2018 01:49:03 PM

One of Barrow Hills children made a phenomenally rare discovery on 7th June whilst taking part in one of "Island Gems" multi award-winning Fossil Hunting Trips on his School’s recent visit to the Isle of Wight. Theo Shaw (year 5) found a Neovenator dinosaur tooth in fantastic condition. The tooth is believed to be around 120 million years old. Commenting on the find, Steve Love, who was leading the fossil trip on Brook Bay, Isle of Wight said, "From its curved shape, sharp point and cutting edge we are sure it comes from a flesh-eating dinosaur. We believe it is from a Neovenator, which is a large two-legged carnivorous dinosaur which has been found on the Isle of Wight and which pre-dates T Rex by sixty million years." Martin Simpson, the Isle of Wight's "Fossil Man" said, "This is the best tooth ever found on one of these fossil trips in 30 years. It’s a very rare find, only one skeleton of Neovenator has ever been found. The tooth was found off shore by the famous 'Fossil Forest', making it around 120 million years old. I've nicknamed the tooth Theovenator (after Theo)." Jenny Hawthorn, owner of Island Gems Fossil Trips (who have recently been inducted to the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame) said, "This tooth is so rare, Theo will probably never find another tooth like this one, which he gets to keep, and he will always remember finding it, as will we." For more information about Island Gems Fossil Trips visit, www.islandgems.co.uk
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