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Published Thursday 21st of June 2018 10:00:02 AM

On Monday 18 June, an unfamiliar double-decker bus drove into the School grounds! It was all rather mystifying! The bus was, in fact, from Edinburgh Zoo, but much to the dismay of some staff, there were no live animals aboard! Instead, J4, J5 and First Form spent the morning on board the bus learning all about endangered animals, animal habitats and much more. Each session consisted of problem-solving activities in groups, doing some interesting detective-work to answer questions and enhance knowledge. The education officers on the bus were very knowledgeable and helped the boys with the more tricky questions. Boys enjoyed learning new information and showing that they could make links with their Geography and Science topics this year. This is what some of our boys thought about the activity: “It was interesting and fun” (Ahmed); “We learned some interesting information” (Alonso); “We got to see and feel real animals” (Marco); “We had a lot of fun learning about habitats” (Euan); and “I liked being a detective to piece together the clues” (William). Read more information about the Wild about Scotland Bus here: http://www.rzss.org.uk/wildaboutscotland
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