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St Swithun’s School hosts joint workshop and concert for young Hampshire musicians with the Band of the Scots Guards

Published Tuesday 10th of July 2018 10:09:43 AM

St Swithun’s School welcomed 60 young musicians from across the county to a joint workshop and concert with the Band of the Scots Guards. The initiative, organised by St Swithun’s school, was a Hampshire Music Services Hub event, open to woodwind, brass and percussion players of grade 5 and above. It began with a series of sectional workshops before the whole ensemble came together for a rehearsal with Major Ian Johnson, Director of Music of the Scots Guards. A free concert in the evening commenced with a march on by the Scots Guards Band into the main auditorium of the Harvey Hall performing arts centre before the combined ensemble launched into a rousing medley of music from The Phantom of the Opera. The repertoire also included Firework by Katy Perry. The band were joined by members of the St Swithun’s Choir for I Dreamed a Dream from the musical Les Misérables and a piece from the film Crimson Tide which blended the navy hymn Eternal Father Strong to Save with the haunting melody The Last Post played from the upper gallery by a solo trumpeter. The Scots Guards Band played out to their regimental march Hielan’ Laddie. Director of music at St Swithun’s School, YiRu Hall said: I was so pleased to be able to put together this amazing opportunity for our young musicians, both here at St Swithun’s and in the wider community. Everyone has had a wonderful day of music-making and the Band of the Scots Guards have been fantastic working with the children; talking with them about life as musicians in the army and being inspirational with their incredibly high standard of performance. Seeing the children’s smiles whilst playing alongside the Band was a real highlight for me.
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