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Local Primary School Children “Beg” Canonbury Drama Students to Come Again Soon

Published Thursday 9th of August 2018 11:25:27 AM

As part of their outreach work, North Bridge House Senior Canonbury’s Drama Enrichment group took to the stage of two local primary schools, performing the Middle Eastern folk tale, The Little Beggar. Taken from the One Thousand and One Nights collection better known as the Arabian Nights, the short comedy proved a big hit with children and staff at William Tyndale and Canonbury Primary Schools, who have already asked the NBH Canonbury Drama students to return with their next show. The eight performers – seven Year 7 students and one Year 9 – spent a day on the road, visiting first William Tyndale Primary School and then Canonbury Primary School to practice their latest material and entertain Key Stage 2 pupils. As well as giving our keen actors a chance to do some outreach performance work, it was a great opportunity for the local primary school children to get an insight into senior school drama and the opportunities that lie ahead. “One of the girls who was acting used to come here. It was really nice to see how the secondary school children did drama,” said one Year 4 pupil from William Tyndale School. “I think it was a really great show. I hope you carry on with your careers and become actors. Well done,” said another Year 4 girl to the visiting performers. As the play unfolded around the assumed death of the little beggar, the actors had the children and their teachers in fits of laughter, brilliantly conveying the comedic value in the short story. Having only worked on the material in their weekly enrichment sessions, Head of Drama at NBH Canonbury, Mrs Parks, was extremely proud of how confident her students were in their performances and how well they engaged with their young audiences. “We really enjoyed it, because it was really funny. I liked how all the children played more than one character and kept changing hats,” said one young audience member. Praised as “brilliant”, NBH Canonbury drama students were delighted to have been so well received by children and staff at both schools, with William Tyndale’s Assistant Head, Mrs Crawford saying: “Thank you so much for coming and congratulations for performing so well to a live audience.” Thank you to both schools for having us and congratulations to our star performers.
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