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St Hilary's Plans to Become Fully Co-Educational

Published Tuesday 11th of September 2018 01:00:10 PM

St Hilary’s Preparatory School in Godalming is delighted to announce that we will be welcoming boys into Year 3 from September 2019 in a plan to become fully co-educational by September 2022. The independent school has historically provided places to girls aged 2 – 11 and boys aged 2 – 7. However, the school will now become fully co-educational, in phases from September 2019, when boys aged seven are invited to join Year 3 and then progress through the school until Year 6. Mrs Jane Whittingham, Headmistress since 2012, says of the move “We continually review the education we offer and the aspirations of our parents for their children. We have become increasingly aware that this is changing and many more parents are looking for an environment in which boys and girls are educated alongside each other rather than in separate schools.” “We see that this will be an extension of what we are currently offering and the changes will mean that boys will not have to leave a school where they are settled and happy. Our ethos and values will remain the same and we are making plans to ensure that both boys and girls will continue to receive the top class education we are so proud of at St Hilary's.”
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