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Our New Nursery

Published Tuesday 11th of September 2018 02:42:25 PM

We opened a new Nursery in September 2017 which provides an ideal stepping stone to starting school, offering a safe, nurturing environment where children can grow in confidence and develop their own style of learning. The Nursery morning sessions have a gentle literacy and numeracy focus where we use play orientated activities to help the children develop their understanding of letter sounds and counting skills. Each week we introduce new phonics and explore word building, promoting learning in a quiet but enjoyable and methodical way. In numeracy, the children begin to understand the concepts of ordering numbers by size, sequencing events and associating quantity to number. In the afternoons, children really embrace learning about the world around them through topic based, creative play sessions. Our newly built Pre-Prep provides a unique educational environment, intelligently designed to provide spacious classrooms and an innovative and intuitive learning atmosphere. In Reception, our imaginative and multi-sensory delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum inspires learning and through creativity and play, our children grasp number, and their ability to read and decode develops naturally. During Year One, we encourage our pupils to become more independent in their learning. We study a range of factual and intriguing topics that we deliver creatively to help the children learn in a more incidental and engaging way. Specialist PE lessons are rotated to cover games, gymnastics and dance and we introduce French through songs, rhyme and games. Children also develop simple computing skills in our stimulating ICT suite. By allowing our pupils to work at their own pace, each step of their education builds on their previous learning experiences and ensures that their understanding is secure. By Year Two, pupils have firmly found their feet and relish opportunities to investigate and become more independent learners. We enjoy watching their self-assurance grow and their ability to make decisions develop which helps to provide them with the perfect preparation for a natural move to into Year 3 and the Prep. Our Nursery and Pre-Prep provide a calm and nurturing environment where children can develop their own style of learning and are well-prepared, ready to progress on their journey through the school.
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