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King Edward’s Witley pupil lends artistic talents to support Haslemere Hares project

Published Tuesday 18th of September 2018 10:24:46 AM

A pupil from King Edward’s Witley has stepped in to offer his artistic skills to this year’s Haslemere Hares, an innovative community arts project designed to promote the town through the powerful medium of art. Harvey King, 14, grandson of Haslemere Hares organiser Brian Howard, took on the challenge of depicting the 12 labours of Hercules on this hare, one of 100 fibreglass hares now on display around the town of Haslemere. Following the display period, the hares will be auctioned to raise funds for charities and HAREcules’ sale will benefit Classics for All (CFA), a small charity that works to promote and support the teaching of the Classics in as many schools as possible. CFA was chosen by Harvey and his grandfather as the beneficiary of the sale. Harvey is a pupil at King Edward’s Witley where as well as studying Latin as a curricular subject, is currently the schools only Greekist as an extra-curricular activity, under the tutelage of the school Chaplain, Rev. David Standen. Haslemere Hares follows last year’s successful Haslemere Hogs initiative, which raised £35,000 for local good causes; this year’s ‘Hares’ project, which involves local artists and schools, hopes to raise even more money. King Edward’s pupils have already been involved in the project. As a sponsor of the Haslemere Hares fund-raiser, pupils were asked to decorate their very own fibre-glass hare under the guidance of Graduate Assistant Miss Annie Edwards. Taking advantage of the School’s extensive arts they created Luminous Lepus, a light emanating fibre-optic hare. The 100 Hares are on display around the town of Haslemere until late September when they will be auctioned at The Lythe Hill Hotel in Haslemere. More details of the auction (26th September) can be found on www.haslemerehares.co.uk
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