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Ian Murphy – Sixth Form Art Workshop at Denstone College.

Published Monday 1st of October 2018 10:51:30 AM

Ian Murphy – Sixth Form Art Workshop at Denstone College. Ian Murphy is an experienced, successful Artist and Educator who has been firmly established internationally over the last 30 years, and his working practice fits within the 2D parameters of drawing, painting and printmaking. His experience crosses all the recognised art awards; GCSE, A Level, International Baccalaureate and National Diploma to name just a few. Ian Murphy’s natural enthusiasm and passion for drawing and painting is evident in his approach, making his work both exciting and extremely accessible to students and teachers alike, and is the main reason he is very much in demand within the educational arena. An expert in both drawing and painting, Ian’s workshops are set up to inspire, challenge, and support every individual. During the workshop his fast-pace and focus is on extending not only creative thinking but also to extend students skill set. The very foundation of the workshop is to empower students with the latest thinking and technical strategies, incorporating new technologies such as laser cutting machines with traditional drawing techniques. All the techniques and approaches to media which the students will experience during the workshop have been part of Ian Murphy’s programme for many years. Pupils will have first-hand experience of his techniques and processes as well as an insight into his sketchbooks showing the preliminary stages of his studies. The 2 day workshop on 10-11 October, held at Denstone College, will fully equip students with methods and realistic skills to enhance their daily practice; we cannot wait!
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