Ratcliffe College Top 09/02/22

Adventures at Ickwell Nature Reserve

Published Thursday 11th of October 2018 01:30:40 PM

Bedford Prep School’s Y7 boys were the latest intrepid adventurers to visit the school’s beautiful nature reserve at Ickwell on Tuesday 2 October for a full day of fun and learning. Alongside team-building activities, building survival shelters and hunting down mini-beasts, the boys got to try out their culinary skills in the wild; they toasted marshmallows and sandwiches and popped popcorn on the glowing embers of the campfire. All agreed that food cooked over an open fire tastes far more delicious. Boys from Y4 also benefited from an action-packed day at Ickwell the previous Friday, when they enjoyed a series of exciting activities designed to help them to forge new friendships and develop confidence through the great outdoors. The fun tasks also introduced the study of plants that the boys will soon be focusing on in their science lessons.
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