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Learning and sharing with our community

Published Tuesday 11th of December 2018 11:23:13 AM

At Thames Valley School your child is learning to be a rounded, confident member of society, which is why we have plenty of opportunities to learn off the school site, making the most of the resources around us. We are building strong connections with local schools, colleges, employers and communities both to generate greater awareness of autism, and to create inclusion opportunities for our children. Visits to art galleries, museums, places of worship, farms and historical monuments all form a regular part of our lessons – we take our pupils anywhere that will engage them further in their learning. The children enjoy the way this lets them explore subjects in greater depth and breadth. We use the sports centre next door regularly for swimming and other activities. We invite people into our school to provide exciting learning experiences. Recently we have had visits from an animal workshop group, our local community police officers and the Urban Play Rangers. We encourage local groups to use our facilities, especially those who support children and adults with autism.
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55 St Peters Preparatory School School In Action Medium
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