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Published by NAS Church Lawton School on Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Every child in our school has a diagnosis of autism and we have designed our approach and environment to make Church Lawton School a great place for them to learn. Our pupils have the potential to do well academically, and the individual programmes we create for them encourage them to thrive, grow and exceed expectations in everything they do. We have individual learning areas in every classroom for times when a child needs to learn alone, and in our separate specialist learning centre we can support children with more complex needs. A child with a particular gift for a subject can study at a level that challenges them, thanks to our flexible timetabling. We encourage all our pupils to take external exams and expect most to pursue their education at a university level. Many of our children are talented in science and media technology subjects, and our staff expertise and resources mean that they explore these subjects creatively and in depth. More than this, we help each child to build their own personal, social and life skills so that they leave us as confident, resilient and valuable young adults with an important contribution to make to the wider world. “Miryam is telling me that she learned about light using elastic bands, coloured glass and mirrors. Miryam never discussed her day at school before so this is wonderful progress.” - A parent
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