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Over 900 People Watch Fantastic Treasure Island Production

Published Thursday 17th of January 2019 10:57:04 AM

Last week, over 900 people came to watch the senior production of ‘Treasure Island’. Always a pre-Christmas treat, this year’s offering was no exception. All the cast entertained with suitable dramatic skill and flair, and the audience enjoyed laughing at the absurdness of characters such as Grandma, Squire and Grey. More tense, chilling moments were created by Blind Pew, Bill Bones and the motley crew of steampunk pirates. Captain Smollett’s technically unexpected death was performed with just the right amount of theatrical flamboyance by Sam while Henry played Doctor Livesey with appropriate gravitas. Lulu, Mita and Tati took on a number of roles and were responsible for the timely pulling of the curtains which ensured that each performance was impressively slick and smooth. Niamh played Mrs Crossley and was one half of the impressive parrot ‘Captain Flint’ with the other half being manipulated by Poppy who also provided the perfect voice for the pilfering bird. A favourite character with the matinee audience of 220 local primary school children was Ben Gunn, played by Natasha, the scrawny cabin boy stranded on the island. Molly and April shared the part of Jim Hawkins whilst Angel was unrecognisable as the two faced pirate Long John Silver.
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