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Year 2 Explore The World Of Brilliant Bristolians

Published Monday 4th of February 2019 12:57:20 PM

On Friday, Year 2 spent the day in Bristol learning about five different brilliant Bristolians. Before heading to The M Shed, the children got the opportunity to see The Clifton Suspension Bridge and part of the SS Great Britain. The pupils enjoyed walking along the harbour side before starting their workshops and looking around the museum. The workshop consisted of researching a famous Bristolian and presenting their information and knowledge to the rest of the group. The children did a great job of standing up and sharing their information. Year 2 were inspired by their visit enough to create their own mini quiz, including the following questions: 1) What is Joseph Fry famous for? 2) Who was Hannah More and what did she do? 3) Can you name three of Brunel’s incredible designs? 4) What prejudice did Princess Campbell have to overcome in her job?
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