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Success For Kingswood Prep’s Orienteers

Published Monday 4th of February 2019 01:05:49 PM

Last Sunday 13 January, Kingswood Prep’s orienteers had their fourth league event at Ashton Court in Bristol - quite a hilly area. On the white course it was a very close race at the front. Completing the 1.65 km course with 45 metres of climb, Ben won in 10.59 minutes with Charlotte the first girl just two seconds behind. They were followed closely by James, Alex and Hans. Oliver and Tom ran up a course on the more difficult yellow course. Oli showed his great speed and navigation by winning the course and beating all the Year 7’s. He took 14.52 minutes to cover the 2.3km course with 65 metres of climb. Tom also did well to complete the difficult course. Year 6 runners will now move up to yellow course. Elspeth and James made their Mum and Dad run fast as they shadowed them around, with Elspeth really showing her speed and coming in third on the course.
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