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Bedford Prep School’s Big Bird Watch 2019

Published Tuesday 5th of February 2019 11:54:54 AM

Armed with their bird identification guides, checklists and binoculars, a group of Bedford Prep School boys headed out with Madame Chaillou and Madame Comani to take part in the RSPB’s ‘Big Bird Watch 2019’. Keeping oh so quiet so they could hear the birds and, importantly, not frighten them away, the boys scanned the skies, trees and shrubs around the playground to see which of their feathered friends they could spot. Using the locations of bird feeders, created the previous week in Gardening Club, as their bases, the boys spotted and diligently recorded a multitude of birds including Wood Pigeons, Great Tits, Magpies, Blackbirds, Long Tail Tits and Collared Doves.
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