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Academic Enrichment – championing the written word

Published Thursday 7th of February 2019 11:31:58 AM

Despite the trend for texts, emojis and quick links in the fast moving, instant, digital world teenagers now increasingly inhabit, at Canford we believe strongly that all pupils should develop their literacy skills to be able to research ideas and communicate them fluently and effectively. This begins in the Shells with a curriculum based around developing good Habits, Skills and Literacy and continues through the school through a variety of enrichment programmes, groups and societies to complement curriculum study. Each year we see pupils produce excellence in written skills through both internal and external essay writing. The Lower Sixth take part in the Baynham and C P Snow Essay competitions, with the Baynham Prize for the best essay on a question related to an arts or humanities topic and the C P Snow Prize recognises the best essay on a scientific topic. Over the course of the Christmas Term, all members of the Lower Sixth devised, researched and completed an essay on a topic of their choosing. The overall standard was once again very impressive and many entries were outstanding in their originality, argument and research. This year’s winners were Finn Baker, who debated “To what extent has the office of Prime Minister become more Presidential since 1945?” and Jessye Phillips who made a fine attempt at resolving the question “Who wants to live forever: An insight into the quest for immortality.” Whilst only one essay could win in each category there were also a number of particularly impressive “Highly Commended” pupil entries too. We are also celebrating publication of a Canfordian’s written word in a national publication. Max Glowacki has written an article on a novel entitled Eva Luna by Isabel Allende that will be published in the next edition of the Bulletin of Advanced Spanish. This is one of the novels Max studied in preparation for his successful application to read Spanish and German at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge for 2019 entry, and the editorial team has decided to include his article in the new edition due to its excellent academic standard. Read and subscribe to these and other latest writings from pupils and staff on the www.canford.com/Academic-Blog Tom Marriott, Head of Academic Enrichment, commented: “These three examples are just a small sample of the wide variety of pupil writings through the course of any academic year. It is hugely encouraging to see that through our enrichment initiatives pupils are enthused and excited about developing their research and written skills which lay secure and firm foundations for the rest of their educational careers and beyond.”
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