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Published Wednesday 27th of February 2019 12:05:45 PM

On Friday 8th February Upper Sixth Design and Technology students had the pleasure of enjoying an exclusive tour of the BMW Mini Plant in Oxford. The visit supported students' learning about mass commercial manufacturing processes, but whilst they learnt a lot of interesting things, the highlight of the day was definitely getting to use the Mini car simulators! “The Mini factory tour was a fantastic experience, both to learn about the industrial processes used for the mass production of motor vehicles, but to also appreciate the amount of engineering work that goes into optimizing this process for time, logistics and efficiency. Seeing the inside of the factory was a fantastic example of the practical application of some of the skills we learn in the classroom. The virtual driving experience to end the day was also a lot of fun.” explained Frederik. “I really enjoyed visiting the Mini factory because it gave me a great insight into continuous production on a huge scale.” added Matthew. “The factory tour was a really great chance for us to have a look at the manufacturing process of the Mini Cooper, as it shows the teamwork, how every section was organised and how those sections work. Steve, our tour guide explained every section clearly, with a lot of detail about the processes: the small parts in the car, some of the clients, and how long does it takes to manufacture a Mini in one day. The trip showed us a lot of skills and gave us insight into something we would have never had a chance to see and experience otherwise.” summarised Nicole.
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