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Dauntsey’s Pupils have an Arctic Adventure of a Lifetime

Published Thursday 7th of March 2019 01:37:14 PM

A group of twelve Second Form pupils from Dauntsey’s spent half term in the North of Sweden on an ‘Arctic Adventure’ of a lifetime. Their base was the city of Skellefteå which was blanketed in thick snow throughout their stay, with temperatures rarely above freezing and as low as -16°C. The pupils tackled a number of challenges including an alpine luge competition, cross country ski-ing, paddle tennis, snow shoeing, building campfires and husky sledding. The group also spent some time in a Swedish school, learning about life as a teenager in Sweden and comparing notes about school. The Dauntsey’s pupils were surprised to learn that, as a “sugar free” school, the Swedish pupils were never served puddings. Throughout the trip, the pupils had to shop for their own food at a local supermarket, transporting it back to their cabin on sledges and then cooking all their meals. Sam Moore, Head of Adventure Education, Dauntsey’s, who led the trip, said: “This exciting trip is a recent addition to our adventure education programme and has proved to be a great success. The students had to look after themselves, their equipment and each other in this demanding Arctic environment. We created an itinerary which was a mix of challenges in the snow as well as a day at the Boda Borg Centre, filled with tough quests designed to test the pupils’ both mentally and physically. “The trip also provides an opportunity to learn about the Swedish way of life and how the locals cope with the arctic conditions in the winter.” One of the pupils added: “A real highlight of the trip for me was going husky sledding. The huskies were very fast and agile and seemed to love pulling the sleds. They seemed reluctant when we took them back to their pens and removed their harnesses.” Adventure Education at Dauntsey’s: Adventure is an essential part of life at Dauntsey’s; not simply an event but something that teaches invaluable life skills and changes attitudes and behaviour for the better. For further information about Dauntsey’s School, go to www.dauntseys.org or follow us on Twitter at Dauntsey’s@DauntseysSchool ENDS
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