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Years 2 - 6 Showcase STEAM Work At Open Morning For Parents

Published Wednesday 13th of March 2019 10:09:35 AM

Parents were welcomed into the new build's STEAM and Innovation Centre on Tuesday morning to find out how Years 2 – 6 were getting on with their STEAM sessions. In the Science Room, the pupils took part in a range of activities including putting together circuits using bulbs, wires, buzzers and motors. The children had lots of fun challenging visitors with a DNA quiz, as well as demonstrating a counters game to convey the concept of genetic inheritance. Human torso models were assembled in the Science Room, showing the children the physiological make up of a human being. The children had the opportunity to dissect flower seeds and plants, and enlarge them under the electronic magnifying visualiser. There were also a range of messy and colourful chemical creations using sweets, food dye, effervescent tablets, powders and potions. Pupils in Year 2 revealed their fantastic suspension bridge made out of sticks and paper clips. Well done to the children for demonstrating their knowledge of different STEAM activities and thank you to everyone who attended.
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