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Kingham Hill welcomes local primary schools for Science Day

Published Wednesday 13th of March 2019 11:52:07 AM

Earlier in the month, Kingham Hill School hosted a day full of Science for a group of 38 local primary school children. The children had the opportunity to experience and get a taste of what is taught at Key Stage 3 in the School's fully equipped Veritas laboratories. Chemistry teacher, Mr Petra started the day with a number of experiments illustrating the properties of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) when it reacts with water and acids and alkaline. The results were some impressive colour changes, plumes of gas and bubbles. Next pupils, in their oxygen, hydrogen and helium teams, gathered in the Veritas laboratories and conducted experiments of their own. They had the chance to learn from our science teachers and Sixth Form pupils, who shared their passion for the subject and were on hand for demonstrations and helping out where needed. Some of the experiments the children got to try for the first time included measuring breathing rates and oxygen levels, using lit splints to test for gases and measuring the flight of handmade helicopters. The last experiment of the day involved pupils designing their own parachute and protection for an egg to be dropped from the Veritas balcony to see if it could survive the fall. Pupils set to work making their egg as air resistant as possible and prepared a presentation about what they did and why they thought it would stop the egg from breaking. The day concluded with some science themed treats from our catering department, which included edible petri dishes and test tubes with chocolate for the children from Bledington and Holy Trinity primary schools to take away with them as a reminder of their day discovering and learning more about gases.
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