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Year 5 Conduct Weather And Climate Investigations

Published Thursday 25th of April 2019 04:33:30 PM

Last term, Year 5 learnt about the world around them in their “Weather and Climate” topic. In the final week before the Easter holidays, the children were able to use their new knowledge to carry out practical weather investigations. They created rainbows, fog and tornadoes, as well investigating convection currents and snowflakes. The pupils had the opportunity to use their knowledge of wind to ascertain its force and direction, and their understanding of clouds to determine cloud types. Hattie: “It was fun learning about how heat can create movement.” Fergus: “I learnt that rainbows actually form full circles.” Tom: “It was good to be independent, because you had to use your brain.” Lexi: “I liked the wind investigation and improving my Science knowledge.”
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