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Magical, mysterious, memorable - pupils' visit to Narnia

Published Friday 28th of June 2019 03:36:15 PM

Magical. Mysterious. Memorable. The Year 6 play transported its audiences to C S Lewis's Narnia - a land where apparently 'eternal' winter is eventually melted by Aslan's sacrifice. The much-loved classic, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, took on a fresh twist with the composition of a brand-new original score by Music Director, Mr Nicklin, showcasing the many talents of our amazing Year 6. From the opening number, when the inimitable Mrs Macready (Gracie) is leading visitors around the Professor's historic house, the wartime scene is set. Peter (Amir), Susan (Bea), Edmund (Isaac) and Lucy (Lexie) have been evacuated - but it is only a matter of time before they are drawn into Narnia's battle between Good and Evil. Lucy is befriended by the kindly Mr Tumnus (Daisy), who risks the wrath of the wicked White Witch (Ojal) by letting her escape. When the gullible Edmund falls into the Witch's clutches, only the great Lion, Aslan (Caitlin), can save him. The supporting cast of raucous Rabble, vicious Wolves, curious forest Animals and wartime Tourists, all played their parts to great effect, framing the action with their dancing and singing. The graceful Naiads led several dances with perfect poise and grace. All the soloists performed with confidence and brought a depth and pathos to this powerful allegorical tale. This was truly a very special ensemble event, creating a feast for the eyes and an emotional journey which the audience - and cast - will long remember! Special thanks go to our Producer and Director, Mrs Redfern, and Musical Director, Mr Nicklin who have led Year 6 in this theatrical delight. As always, such a splendid production could not be executed without a huge support network behind the scenes - a fantastic team effort all round.
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