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Glenalmond Reinforces Academic Credentials with Excellent A-Level Results

Published Wednesday 11th of September 2019 04:21:05 PM

Pupils at Glenalmond College have achieved outstanding results in their A-Level exams, continuing a consistent trend of high academic performance by the school in recent years. Glenalmond has recorded its highest percentage of A* A-Level grades for five years. More than 12% of Glenalmond results were A* grade and a remarkable 30% of all the results were A* - A grades. A 100% pass rate was achieved by pupils in 13 A-Level subjects, including Geography and History. Pupils also performed particularly well in the Language subjects with, for example, all pupils who sat the French A-Level achieving A* - B grades. Warden Hugh Ouston, Head of Glenalmond College, said he was absolutely delighted with the results, observing that these reflect the school’s ethos of inspiring pupils to strive for academic excellence, as well as the skill and dedication of the school’s teaching staff. “Glenalmond has earned an enviable reputation as a school which consistently delivers very strong academic results, and our congratulations go to all our hard-working pupils and staff for the well-deserved grades achieved,” said Mr Ouston. The A-Level results come hot on the heels of the strong Higher results, announced by Glenalmond earlier this month. However, Mr Ouston emphasised that Glenalmond’s position in the front-line of academic performance owes a lot to the pupils being well-grounded through an all-round education experience. “As well as studying, young people here throw heart and soul into other activities - from having fun in sport and music to taking part in school theatre productions and developing leadership skills. In our view, these opportunities directly benefit their exam results, and it is essential to achieve this balance so pupils leave us ready to make the most of life’s opportunities,” added Mr Ouston. A significant factor in the continued high academic performance of pupils at Glenalmond is its pioneering “Learning Project”, introduced in 2014. This ground-breaking initiative has seen the introduction of a highly-structured programme of monitoring the pupils’ performance, to ensure areas where additional support may be required are quickly identified and acted on. Mrs Jenny Davey, Sub-Warden at Glenalmond, leads the “Learning Project”. “I am pleased to say the Learning Project is now very well established,” said Mrs Davey. “It is at the heart of our approach to learning at Glenalmond and has been equally well received by pupils, staff and parents. Our intention is to further develop this project in the coming year.”
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