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Year 5 Enjoy Team Building And Adventure At Mill On The Brue

Published Friday 4th of October 2019 03:01:03 PM

On Monday 23 September, parents and children met at the Upper with a mixture of excitement, nerves and anticipation, as Year 5 set off on their trip to Mill on the Brue. The children enjoyed four days of team building activities and adventure, and refused to let the weather forecast dampen their spirits. In total, the pupils enjoyed 18 different activities and had to overcome fears, find courage, rely on teammates, develop skills, listen to instructions and most importantly, have fun. The Year 5 pupils have commented on some of the highlights from their time at Mill on the Brue: “Tunnelling was really fun because we had to find different things in the tunnels, but in pairs.” – Arthur “I don’t really like feeding animals, but when I did it, I felt that I had really achieved something and I was proud.” – Darcy “I liked Nightline because you had to use good communication to know where you were going.” – Katelyn “I really enjoyed spending time with people I don’t know too well.” - Poppy “I loved the zip wire but I found it quite challenging at the top when you had to let go.” – Will “I was ecstatic because it was like flying!” – Callum “The assault course was super fun because we got really muddy and we got to be with our friends and help them when needed.” – Sunny “I loved archery because it was so satisfying when you released the arrow from the bow.” – Sophie “Raft building was fun and my raft floated (but then we jumped in!)” - Molly Congratulations to Year 5 for taking part in a brilliant trip – the Year 5 teachers were really proud of all the children.
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