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St Margaret's Culture Week

Published Monday 7th of November 2011 03:29:20 PM

The children at St Margaret's Preparatory School in Calne learnt everything from how to make music using a hosepipe and a watering can, to how the body works when they took part in Culture Week.

Travelling By Tuba, a travelling band of musicians, enthralled the children and teachers alike when they showed that you do not need conventional instruments to make music. A visit earlier in the week by Explorer Dome was also a big hit. A giant inflatable dome was constructed in the school hall and the children had to crawl through a tunnel into the darkened space to find out about the internal workings of the human body.

Headmistress Karen Cordon said: 'It has been a fantastic week. We have Culture Week every year but this has been one of the best. All of the children have been fascinated by what they have seen and learnt. Every child took part and the special activities dominated the timetable, instead of the regular scheduled curriculum.'

Some of the activities were aimed at specific age groups, so while the youngest children enjoyed a performance of Alice In Wonderland, the older pupils were entertained by a 'Magic of Science' workshop.

The week was very beneficial for the children as everyone learnt something each day but had great fun along the way!

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