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Barrow Hills' children find message in a bubble!

Published Wednesday 13th of November 2019 10:12:47 AM

Barrow Hills was filled with hundreds of bubbles when ‘Maxwell the Bubbleologist’ recently delivered an educational bubble workshop for Middle Prep children, comprising a range of soapy sphere-based activities. Known as ‘Maxwell the Bubble Man’, the London-based international entertainer specialises in bubbleology – the art of blowing bubbles. During his visit he showcased some amazing techniques, captivating the children with his mesmerising sensory performance, while at the same time building their scientific knowledge. Understanding how bubbles can have flat sides, make geometric patterns, become tornados, be set on fire and defy gravity provided a wonderful learning opportunity, fusing the worlds of art and science in a spectacular fashion. In addition to this, underlying the workshop was an important life lesson – helping the children appreciate that although all bubbles will pop, failure is never a problem – just an opportunity to regroup, take your time and have another go. Kicking off with a demonstration assembly for Years 2 to 8, Maxwell immediately grabbed the children’s attention with a spellbinding visual display, using various props to demonstrate bubbles of different shapes and sizes. Throughout the day, Years 5 and 6 learned various techniques including blowing joint bubbles and creating bubbles from their hands, as well as attempting more complex tasks and artistic creations including bubble ladders, concentric bubbles and even model solar systems. During the demonstrations Maxwell shared his bubble secrets and knowledge, piquing the children’s curiosity as they watched in awe. Josh Andrade, Head of Middle Prep at Barrow Hills, who organised the workshop, said, “At Barrow Hills School we encourage our children to be scholarly, curious and joyful and this type of initiative certainly helps to develop these traits. Bubbleology represents an innovative and fun way to hone skills in both science and art. In particular, the children were fascinated to discover that they were playing, producing and bouncing bubbles even though the film is thinner than the width of a human hair. Maxwell’s iridescent creations certainly brought a whole new dimension to learning, as well as much joy to the children!” Barrow Hills School is a prep school and nursery for girls and boys aged 2-13. For more information about Barrow Hills School visit: www.barrowhills.org For more information about Maxwell the Bubbleologist visit www.bubbleman.org
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