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Year 4 Explore The Tomb Of Tutankhamun At Highclere Castle

Published Wednesday 22nd of January 2020 12:55:09 PM

At the beginning of term, Year 4 visited beautiful Highclere Castle as part of their topic work exploring the Ancient Egyptians. 100 years ago, Highclere Castle (AKA ‘Downton Abbey’) was the seat of the 5th Earl of Carnavon. Lord Carnarvon was fascinated by Ancient Egypt and teamed up with his archaeological colleague, Howard Carter, paying for the archaeological expeditions over six years. The pair famously discovered the Tomb of the Egyptian Boy Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, in 1922. The castle now hosts an interactive Egyptian Exhibition which holds a collection of antiquities found by Carter and Carnarvon found. It also contains a wonderful Tutankhamun exhibit which really brings this ancient period of history to life. The children were fascinated as they saw original artefacts and learned stories about how the two men knew that there was a tomb yet to be discovered and took six years to find it – a real lesson in resilience! The pupils also had a tour of the beautiful grounds, landscaped by Capability Brown, and had a chance to dress up as Egyptian pharaohs and princesses. The children thoroughly enjoyed participating in the workshops and exploring different elements of everyday life in Ancient Egypt. The teachers were immensely proud of the children who behaved impeccably all day and listened with great interest, asking sensible and thoughtful questions.
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