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Year 6 Perform Brilliantly In Mock Job Interviews

Published Tuesday 4th of February 2020 03:29:56 PM

Last week, Year 6 prepared and performed their mock interviews in front of their teachers, who came to act as the interview panel. The children were asked to think of a job that they would like when they are older; these included an architect, fighter jet designer, engineer, shopkeeper and musician. The children used the skills learnt in their drama lessons to show their confidence; they shook the teachers’ hands firmly and sat upright, facing forward with great eye contact. The children answered probing questions typical of a job interview, such as ‘What is your greatest strength/weakness?’ and ‘Can you describe a problem that you have overcome?’ They discussed some of the skills they had developed at school that would make them suitable for the job. It was wonderful to see the children sharing such mature and eloquent answers with real life examples of their achievements. The teachers at Kingswood Prep hope the children enjoyed the experience, as well as gaining confidence from their own knowledge. Year 6 will now reflect on their experience so that they can keep it as part of their Baccalaureate Project.
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