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Pupils From Years 4 - 6 Show Racism The Red Card

Published Tuesday 4th of February 2020 03:32:39 PM

Last Thursday, pupils at the Prep School welcomed Sean from ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ to the Association Hall to speak about racism and what it means. Pupils from Years 4 - 6 learnt that racism is discrimination against a person based on their skin colour, nationality, culture and/or religion. The children understood the importance of not stereotyping people or to assume that we know what they believe. Year 5 discovered that they were connected to over 36 different countries through either being born somewhere other than England or having parents who were born in other countries. The workshops highlighted how words can be powerful and how we should think before speaking about others, as well as the language we use to describe differences in culture, religion and skin colour. Thank you to Sean for visiting the Prep School and delivering these inspiring workshops to the children.
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