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Year 6 Explore John Wesley’s First Methodist Chapel

Published Wednesday 26th of February 2020 01:06:31 PM

Just before half term, Year 6 travelled to Bristol where they spent time visiting John Wesley’s first ever Methodist Chapel, The New Rooms. The pupils had the opportunity to explore the Chapel and read from the bible positioned on the pulpit – Charlotte and Emily projected their voice very well across the Chapel. As part of their trip, the children also visited a museum where they discovered facts about John Wesley’s life. Tom and Freddie: ‘We loved how hands-on everything was. It was great that you were able to learn in lots of ways!’ Sam: ‘Putting my hands in handcuffs helped me to appreciate how terrible it must have been for slaves in the 18th Century!’ The children also observed the 50:50 table and were able to imagine how the rich and poor would have eaten in those days. Towards the end of the children’s visit, Year 6 came together and re-enacted a riot which occurred in the Chapel on a day when John Wesley was speaking publicly. The doors opened as slave merchants poured into the Chapel and the congregation cheered for John Wesley as he spoke out about the atrocities, as well as wanting to abolish slavery. In the afternoon, the children went on a boat ride down the length of Bristol harbour and learnt about the slave trade. Alex: ‘We had the opportunity to smell and touch sugar cane.’ The children completed their day by walking around the centre of Bristol and spotting any evidence of the legacy of slavery. Henry: ‘I looked for the signs on houses, as there were lots of clues about what it was like or used for in the time of slavery in Bristol.’ Alex: ‘We debated outside Colston Hall about whether it should keep its name or not.’
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