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Prep Pupils Dress Up For World Book Day

Published Tuesday 17th of March 2020 02:21:40 PM

On Thursday 5 March, the Association Hall greeted a whole host of characters from beloved children’s stories, as the Prep pupils arrived to school in their World Book Day costumes. The children began their day with an assembly where they celebrated much loved books across each year group and discussed their favourite parts of the story. Each class took it in turns to share stories and favourite books from home before completing various age-specific adventure story activities. Reception – wrote little books Year 1 – created a mini fact file about a character from their book Year 2 – created and wrote about their own superhero Year 3 – designed their own book cover to include a blurb Year 4 – wrote an adventure story in pairs Year 5 – wrote a collaborative adventure story Year 6 – researched and wrote a time travelling story meeting historical figures along the way. The teachers were extremely impressed with the children for embracing World Book Day and discovering different ways to tell stories.
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