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Head of Design & Technology & Senior Pastoral Lead

Published Tuesday 7th of July 2020 11:26:11 AM

I initially saw on a teachers forum, a school in the south making visors and realised that we may be able to replicate the idea in our D&T department. With close family and friends in the care industry and seeing COVID-19 impacting a number of families within our school community, I was only too conscious of the acute risk that many NHS workers and carers are putting themselves under. I spent a couple of days after the school had finished modelling ideas and found that we had enough stock of material to get the idea up and running. By then, one of the suppliers, Kitronik, had published a working drawing of a visor specifically for laser cutters - this one works a treat, being adjustable, comfortable and having a hard-wearing, durable main frame. The whole D&T team were keen to be involved and 50 were initially produced. These were snapped up very quickly and since then I have been approached by 5 hospitals, a number of local GP surgeries, carers in the community, nursing homes and even a funeral directors. In the current climate where it appears difficult to access official PPE, especially full face visors, there would appear to be a huge demand for them. We are currently out of stocks of polypropylene, but this should be coming in by mid-week, at which point we will have a team of helpers, wearing the appropriate PPE themselves and adopting social distancing rules, who will cut and assemble the new products. We will then hope to distribute as soon as possible. We will combine visor making with working on our remote teaching strategies with the new term getting ever closer. Staff have offered to pay for the materials. We are all in this together and we aim to continue to make these until our material stocks are exhausted or there is no longer demand. It is great to see DT teachers across the land contribute similarly.
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