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Dauntsey's School Parents' Association Travel Award

Published Wednesday 23rd of September 2020 12:36:26 PM

Dauntsey’s School Parents’ Association Awards Travel Scholarships Dauntsey’s School Parents’ Association (DSPA) has awarded its annual Travel Scholarship jointly to Oscar, whose proposal involved studying the differences between UK and US thoroughbred horseracing and Finn, Josh and Jack, who plan to cycle the length of South America over four months. Oscar, who has aspirations to become a jockey himself, plans to visit Washington and Lewisville, Kentucky to work for a number of racehorse trainers. His goal is to build a closer understanding of the American horseracing industry and how it differs from that in the UK. Finn, Josh and Jack aim to cycle 10,000 kms down the west of South America in a bid to learn about new cultures and challenge themselves physically. They have selected this region because of its contrasting cultures and iconic landscapes. Their journey will start in Bogota and finish in Argentina and their goal is to finance their travel and living costs by working during the trip. Each pupil presented their application to a selection committee, setting out trip objectives, itineraries and budgets. The aim of the DSPA Scholarship is to promote the development of initiative and independence through purposeful travel. The award takes the form of a sum or money, based on a percentage of the overall cost of the winning entry(ies), and will be up to the value of £1,000. Simone Wilmot, Chair, DSPA, said: “We were very impressed with all the proposals. Each pupil presented their application with depth and determination. The winners were selected on the basis of their passion for the trip and the degree of preparation and planning demonstrated in their presentations. We look forward to hearing about their adventures when they return.” The Dauntsey’s School Parents Association is a charity foundation, set up to enhance the pupils’ school experience; to enable pupils to benefit from the wider resources of the Dauntsey’s family; and to fund extraordinary activities and items outside of the School’s normal remit by raising revenue from school and social events.

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