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Published Tuesday 29th of September 2020 02:52:35 PM

Churcher’s link bus between Petersfield and Liphook helps busy parents and the environment. For many parents, the school run can be the most stressful time of the day with the unpredictable bad traffic and the pressure to get your child ready and to school on time. Not only is there pressure as a parent, but official statistics show that transport is the largest source of climate pollution in the UK, accounting for over a third of annual emissions. “We work in partnership with our parents and do know how helpful it is that we offer a supervised and easy option to the school run for those juggling complex work and family logistics,” explains Ffion Robinson, Head of Churcher’s College Junior School & Nursery. “It also sets an example to our children, who are educated about nature and the planet and making good decisions. They know the link bus avoids multiple cars making the same journey and polluting the environment” “My son loves travelling with his friends of all ages on the bus, he is experiencing independence which will set him up when older to be a self-confident,” adds Liz, a Churcher’s parent. “Like so many children his age, Oliver wants to do his bit for a cleaner planet and knows that travelling by bus helps.” “I love getting the bus with my friends,” explains Oliver. “We have lots of fun on the way to school – it’s great!”
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