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Prep Pupils Get To Know The New Headmaster With A Q&A

Published Monday 2nd of November 2020 01:32:43 PM

Kingswood Prep School pupils get to know the new Headmaster and Principal of the Foundation, Mr Andrew Gordon-Brown, with answers to those all-important questions.

Q.1. Favourite Food

AGB: A really good BBQ

Q2. Do you have a pet?

AGB: Two lovely dogs and a budgie

Q.3. Favourite holiday destination

AGB: Visiting family and friends in South Africa

Q.4. Do you have any children?

AGB: Two wonderful daughters and one equally wonderful son

Q.5. Favourite Book

AGB: Other than the Bible, probably an Atlas

Q.6. Starter or Pudding?

AGB: Pudding

Q.7. Favourite Cheese

AGB: Gorgonzola

Q.8. Favourite Subject at school

AGB: Maths

Q.9. If you weren’t a Head or Teacher, what would you be?

AGB: A doctor

Q.10. Favourite Sport

AGB: Rowing, of course

Q.11. Do you support Liverpool, like Mr Brearey?

AGB: Naturally! My paternal grandfather was born in Liverpool

Q.12. Favourite Drink

AGB: Red wine

Q.13. The trait you most look for in people?

AGB: Empathy

Q.14. What was your first month at Kingswood like?

AGB: Happy, energising, challenging, interesting

Q.15. Favourite place to think?

AGB: Somewhere up a mountain

Q.16. Tea or Coffee?

AGB: Both. Fresh coffee or Rooibos tea

Q.17. Theatre or Cinema?

AGB: Cinema

Q.18. Did you always want to be a Head?

AGB: I might have. It’s just that it took me about 35 years to figure it out.

Q.19. What do you do to relax?

AGB: I hang out with Harriet and my children, I do lots of exercise, I listen to music

Q.20. Favourite Colour

AGB: If you look at the ties in my wardrobe, definitely blue

Q.21. What 3 things would you take to a desert island?

AGB: A rowing boat, a wine making kit, a guitar

Q.22. I am going to be in Year 7 next year and I am quite nervous – what advice do you have?

AGB: Come and knock on my door so we can have a chat. You will love the senior school because it’s a very friendly place

Q.23. What are your ambitions for the school?

AGB: For all our pupils to be happy and to find and fulfil their talents

Q.24. How do you like your eggs?

AGB: Fried, scrambled, boiled and poached
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