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Children in Years 3 - 6 Learn All About Online Safety

Published Monday 16th of November 2020 02:20:12 PM

Last Thursday, Ken Corish, the Online Safeguarding Director for South West Grid for Learning, delivered some online lessons to children in Years 3-6 as well as a session for parents.

These sessions covered really important messages about keeping ourselves safe online and how to have healthy online behaviour. Year 3 and 4 learnt about staying safe online and how being online is a bit like going out.

There are rules which keep us safe. Ken talked about how if you were going to the jungle, you would take the right clothes, the right equipment and the right knowledge to keep you safe and it is the same when we go online. We need to be prepared and have the right skills to stay safe. The group talked about real or fake news and how to spot it, as well as different apps and games that we were using or playing. Ken was very impressed with how knowledgeable the children were about staying safe online and how engaged they were.

Year 5 and 6 focussed on how to stay safe when playing games, using apps, setting usernames, using live chat features, what to do if something doesn’t feel right online (Stop it or Block it!), uploading photos and how to do this safely and appropriately, making the right choices online and the power of our digital footprint.

A really important message from Ken was 'Treat your password like your toothbrush' – you don’t want anyone else to use it!

Children learned a lot and some things which our Year 6 children have learnt are:

Noah - Think when you press accept. Do you know what you are agreeing to? Hover your fingers over the link and you will see the address of the sender before clicking on the link.

Livvy - Ask permission from other people in the image before you upload it or share it. Think before you post something. Lock down your privacy settings.

James - The average age of a gamer in the UK is 35.
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