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How to live happily on Mars?

Published Friday 9th of April 2021 03:31:51 PM

Year 6 were set a Mission by Head of Science, Mrs Simmons! NASA had selected them to plan a settlement on Mars and in their STEM engineering teams, they were tasked to successfully design a colony that could live happily and healthily on Mars.

Firstly, the children discussed what humans need to keep them alive and then considered the known conditions on Mars. How were they going to provide enough oxygen for breathable air when temperatures on Mars can range from 30℃ degrees to a low of -120℃ in a single day?
Year 6’s solutions included extracting oxygen from the water thought to be under the polar caps on Mars, planting trees to generate oxygen as they photosynthesise and finding a method of producing oxygen from the carbon dioxide in Mars’ atmosphere.

Next, it was time to consider happiness. How would their colony combat loneliness and boredom whilst living so far away from Earth? It was decided that some system of rules and forms of entertainment were necessary. Medical facilities were deemed essential and, also, regular exercise to address the effect of lower gravity on the human body.

Suggestions were then made regarding how to produce enough energy for the colony, including solar energy, wind power and biomass. One method of waste disposal was to blast it off into space! Finally, pupils considered methods of transportation and the importance of recycling and environmental protection. The children carefully planned their colonies, giving considerable thought to a self-sufficient, sustainable colony. Eventually, the practical construction of the model colonies took place.

Congratulations to Year 6 who showed many of the skills that the first colonists would have needed – scientific thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication, not to mention resilience and the willingness to face formidable challenges!

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