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The arrival of The Yurt has brought an especially exciting start to the summer term for our Pre-School children

Published Friday 7th of May 2021 12:46:49 PM

Our children have always loved their days spent in Forest School but The Yurt has added a completely new dimension to their experience, enabling them to be outside the classroom for the whole day.

Each day a group of 16 children, accompanied by Mrs Harvey, our Forest School Leader, and two other members of Pre-school staff, walk the children down to Forest School. Their day starts with the children identifying their names and then hanging their name cookie on the registration tree. The children choose a log to sit on for Circle time in basecamp before singing the ‘Hello’ song and then listening to and sharing the Forest school rules.

After this, the children can explore the different activities available. Once they have decided upon an activity they remain engaged and focused, taking turns with their peers and sharing resources together. They have enjoyed time in the Woodland kitchen making cup-cakes using mud, sticks and leaves and creating muddy and sticky soups, pies and cakes!

As the days have gone by the children are beginning to develop a whole raft of new problem solving skills. Loose parts play has seen pirate ships and trains being built encouraging imaginative play, resourcefulness, team work and cooperation. Physical skills are being used, developed and learned.

The new Yurt has provided a tranquil, peaceful place for the children to learn. They have enjoyed playing with the new dinosaur maths resources, exploring the dressing up box, listening to stories as well as having the opportunity to enjoy quiet self-directed play. “We are delighted to have The Yurt as an additional feature at the Prep School” states Prep School Headmaster, Mark Brearey. “It provides a wonderfully creative space for our children to enjoy, and I am pleased to see that they are making full use of it already”.

The great outdoors seems to have also had a huge impact on the children’s appetites. Their snacks, packed lunches and hot tea time meals have gone down a treat with barely a leftover to be seen!

Mrs Ballanger, Head of The Garden Nursery adds “Our new forest school provision, with the yurt at its centre, creates a really exciting addition to our preschool curriculum. The space is truly magical for the children, and being surrounded by nature in our amazing grounds evokes a true sense of awe and wonder. The children are totally absorbed in their outdoor learning experiences, and gain so many different skills from their forest school days.”
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