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Our Enrichment Series Continues to Inspire the Kingswood Community

Published Friday 21st of May 2021 12:35:18 PM

As part of the Wesley Society to introduce speakers across a range of different subjects, this month we were delighted to welcome Dr Niall McCann and Linda Cruse to Kingswood School via Teams.

Dr Niall McCann is the Director of Conservation for National Park Rescue, a direct-action conservation organisation that focuses on preventing the slaughter of elephants, rhinos and lions in sub-Saharan Africa. He is also a world-leading figure in the field of Conservation and Biodiversity and has worked with the likes of Sir David Attenborough. He has also become an increasingly influential figure in discussing the intrinsic link between biodiversity and climate change.

The focus of all Niall’s work is a response to the ongoing struggle in the conflict between humans and wildlife and he was recently featured as one of the three scientists on David Attenborough's Perfect Planet Episode 5 (Humans). Mr Ed Allchorne, Biology Teacher at Kingswood School, states “Those that listened to Niall McCann would agree that he was really inspirational. To have the opportunity to talk with someone at the absolute fore front of their field is a real pleasure.”

As well as the informative session, we were delighted that our Year 9 pupils got to take part in a Q&A session with Niall earlier in the day where he talked passionately about his contribution of preventing the slaughter of elephants, rhinos and lions, plus his encounters with many animals such as king cobras.

Some key takeaways which are simple but manageable, such as thinking about how we travel, adding a layer of clothing instead of turning up the heating, turning the lights off when you leave the room and only boiling the volume of water you really need when using the kettle as this uses a huge amount of energy.

Linda Cruse is an international leadership expert, humanitarian, inspirational speaker, and author.
Working for over two decades in some of the most extreme places on Earth, Linda has dedicated that time to finding creative and sustainable economic solutions to uplift challenged communities. She does this by creating innovative platforms for the best and brightest brains - business leaders and students – enabling them to develop their entrepreneurial and leadership skills while competing to solve critical issues with solutions implemented within days. The Dalai Lama, HRH The Prince of Wales, and Sir Richard Branson are just three of the influential figures who have supported Linda in her work.

To this day Linda only owns the contents of one suitcase, Linda’s frontline work has taken her to the far corners of the world, from the deserts of the Sahara, to the snowy Himalayas and the Amazonian jungle. Home is living among people in the most distressed places on earth, supporting communities in sustainable livelihood recovery in the aftermath of tsunami, earthquakes, floods, and typhoons, or working with survivors in refugee camps and war zones.

Linda delivered a talk entitled ‘Making the Impossible, Possible’ which was a no-holds-barred account to staff and pupils of the 21 years working in these dangerous area in order to help those most in need. In doing so, she demonstrated how everyone has the ability to become a strong leader and can make a difference. “So don’t wait to see the change you want to see; be the change you want to see!”

Our audience were left feeling inspired to change the world – and know that it is possible!

“This event was really inspirational” explained Ed, “The world needs more people like Linda Cruse.”

We thank both Niall and Linda for giving up their valuable time and truly inspiring members of the Kingswood Community.
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