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The Marist announces two new initiatives for September 2021

Published Monday 2nd of August 2021 11:50:51 AM

-Blended Learning – launching to KS3 students from September
-Extended Co-curricular Provision for Prep & Senior Phases

Blended Learning Marist Style

Blended Learning means different things to different people and organisations. Following extensive research and discussions at length about how the school wishes to maximise learning, curiosity, and independence, the school interprets Blended Learning as,

“Blended Learning takes the best of traditional learning and teaching and combines it with the best of technology and digital media.”

The school believes the purpose of Blended Learning is to enhance the students learning experience through the use of digital media, such as videos, animation, and augmented reality, and through the use of digital resources like digital textbooks and revision materials.

Extended Co-curricular Provision

The school's aim is to provide a much more rounded education to all students; whether they are book worms, water sports fans, music enthusiasts or they enjoy arts and crafts. Self-confidence and self-belief go a long way to achieving success and this confidence leads to full immersion and a love of school life.
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