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COP27 Postcards Sent to World Leaders!

Published Thursday 24th of November 2022 12:00:00 PM

Pupils at St Gabriel's have designed and written climate justice postcards calling upon the COP27 negotiators to take action!

In their Outdoor Education lessons, pupils discussed the crisis that is climate change and wanted to call upon those attending the Conference in Egypt to take action.

Oxfam UK is the charity behind this campaign, aiming to engage with young people and encourage them to speak out regarding the climate crisis. Our pupils designed powerful postcards and wrote persuasive messages such as...

Dear COP27, I am writing to you to say that this needs to stop. Our home is changing, and if we want to keep our beautiful world's natural wonders, then we need to act now. Our oceans are rising, our forests are falling, and our climate is uncontrollable. Please help - there is only so much that we as children can do. Thank you for listening.


Take a look at the gallery below to see the fantastic postcards our pupils designed. There are also some images of postcards sent from schools across the UK to the United Kingdom delegation in Egypt. We are so proud of our pupils for contributing their voices to such an important issue.
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