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Younger pupils join in the Polliwiggle Plantathon

Published Wednesday 12th of May 2010 12:03:57 PM

Our youngest Norwich High School girls (from ages three to four) participated in the Polliwiggle Plantathon. The girls planted a wide variety of flower seeds which will grow into poppies, daises, sunflowers and lavender, to name but a few.

However, the hard work didn�t end there: inspired by the tale of the Caterpillar, the girls have introduced a vegetable patch in their garden as well. They found this extremely enjoyable and satisfying, and cannot wait to see the �fruits� of their hard labour. The girls now even have their first customer; Nick the chef, who regularly visits to collect herbs from the patch to use in his dishes. Fantastic work Girls!
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Norwich High School for Girls (GDST)

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