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Norwich High School travels back in time!

Published Saturday 2nd of October 2010 12:08:18 PM

This spring the clocks went backwards in the Upper II (Year 5) calendar, stopping in the year 1888 at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse.

Dressed as Victorian paupers the girls were on a mission to find a job by impressing the various Victorians who they met on the day.

There was Mrs Clackett, the farmer's wife who taught them how to cook drop scones on her range.

Along came chatty Alice, the village washer woman who showed them how to wash linen using a dolly and a mangle.

Out in the fields they were put to work stone picking whilst John, the Head Horseman and his Suffolk punch horse judged their efforts.

Up at the school room they met the fierce Mr Bradfield who taught them to recite verse, use an abacus and write on a slate.

The good news was they all were awarded with 'characters' but when the bus left to take them back to 2010 there was a sigh of relief to be returning to modern times!
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