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Boarding at Kent College

Published Tuesday 20th of March 2012 03:13:00 PM

Age: 17
Nationality: Spanish
Achievements: Head of House, Senior Prefect for Charities, Founder President of Interact in Kent College, Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

For most of my life I have been lucky to live in a country known for being always warm and sunny. Having lived in Madrid, capital of Spain, I thought I would find England a cold and rainy place. However, I have realised England is actually much more than that. It is now like a home for me and I absolutely love it. Being this my second year abroad, I can surely say that my time boarding at Kent College has been the best experience of my life so far. Boarding has helped me to mature and to be able to solve problems on my own, adapting myself to different circumstances. Out of the four boarding houses at Kent College, I live in Austen House, and it is amazing to see how even though we are all away from our families no one feels homesick, and how whenever we have a bad day there is always someone right next to you to cheer you up. It has proved me that, no matter what nationality we may be, we are always there for each other, like one big family.

In such an international community, there is never time to be bored. I have found myself not only involved in a huge range of different activities planned for boarders such as trips to the theatre and even the celebration of Chinese New Year, but also in extra-curricular activities all around the world, including the Duke of Edinburgh award in South Africa and a hockey tour to Trinidad and Tobago.

Moreover, Kent College has given me the great opportunity of enhancing my leaderships by electing me to be Head of Austen House and the Senior Prefect for Charities, both being very important roles in the community which I enjoy greatly. Being Head of House I have learned how to take care of the other girls in my house and it is really rewarding to see how well they all manage to adapt themselves. As the Senior Prefect of Charities I have helped in the fundraising of all the different events such as bake sales and several shows, which has helped me to be more organised.

Kent College has been a great experience. I have always been known as an extrovert girl, however, these two years have helped me greatly to open myself and to broaden my horizons world wide. It is an incredible experience which has helped me in every way. I really enjoy my time at school, in fact, I tend to miss it a lot every holidays! It seems strange to think this is now my last year here, but hopefully I will keep in touch with all the friends I have made in England as well as all around the world, and I will always remember my time at Kent College as the best years of my life.
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