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Work of the Bard Brought Up-to-Date by The Young Shakespeare Company

Published Thursday 17th of May 2012 01:35:02 PM

The Young Shakespeare Company visited St Hilary's School, Godalming for the afternoon to work with Years 5 and 6 on a modern reworking of 'Hamlet', specially adapted for 6 to 12 year olds.

The play was performed by a cast of young dynamic professional actors, with a passion for performing Shakespeare. They used costumes and simple props and the children took on a variety of roles. A narrator explained the plot in between the scenes and asked the children questions about the characters and events, so despite the actors using the original Shakespearean language, the girls really gained a thorough understanding of 'Hamlet'.

Miss Katie Hilder, Head of English, said, 'The children really enjoyed the performance and with the opportunity to be involved in it in one way or another, either as a character, a prop or a sound effect was a wonderful experience for them all. Shakespeare was certainly brought to life and the complete engagement of all our Year 5 and 6 children was a total delight.'
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