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Hazlegrove pupils enjoy a marveldiddle Roald Dahl Day

Published Wednesday 19th of September 2012 03:10:17 PM

On a splendidbunkin marveldiddle sunny Thursday, Hazlegrove celebrated Roald Dahl Day. Children were discovered all over school reading their favourite Road Dahl books.
A marvelous Dahl lunch was put on including Buzzwangling Snozzcumbering Roast Pork, Jumpsquiffling Swede & Whiffsquiddler Celariac Mash and Whizzpopping Glumptious Apple Sauce.
There were fact sheets about Roald Dahl in the main school Library and the Lower School McCreery Library and all the Roald Dahl books were put out on display. Gobblefunk wordsearches and Delumptious Dahl quizzes were available to do in the Libraries, and also a Phizz-Whizzing Short Story Competition.
This is just the first in a series of exciting events planned by the Hazlegrove Librarian, Mrs Warren, this academic year with the highlight being an exciting literary festival in the Spring Term. This term pupils have been challenged to read 10 million words a week with a target of 140 million words to aim towards for the term. Individual pupils reading a million words will be invited to join the Millionaires Club and will most probably be treated to a library lunch fit for a millionaire!
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